I tried all available services for Internet

Starting with Telenor’s GPRS which they offered for no activation charges and then later on offered EDGE as well but they weren’t able to provide much constant availability and quality. The connection drops all the time and server timeouts are too much. So I will say they are pretty useless when it comes to internet.

Ufone, huh! they can’t even give a good voice quality and service availability let alone GPRS.

Mobilink, their GPRS service is good. When I used it, I didn’t faced any unusual disconnects.

Warid, the service provider I am loyal to since the day they entered Pakistan’s telecom market are the best in the service. GPRS, all time available with no issues , no timeouts (congestions and lower coverage area are exceptions). Also for my Zahi package was very economical, Rs. 500 + Tax for unlimited GPRS access. So it comes out around 21/day and I take full advantage of this service being unlimited :p . Emails, IMs, Voice Chat and tether internet for my PC as well. Voice chat does get choppy and lags at times but at this price, i’ll take it.

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