Installing Urdu Keyboard Layout in Ubuntu

Now I needed Urdu Keyboard setup for my Ubuntu. I knew that installing them on Windows system was too simple as I just downloaded an executable and installed the keyboard and then selected that in the keyboard layout. Searching for same to work for my Ubuntu I stopped my search at Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing was where I found everything I need.The link below had the fonts as well as the layout for keyboard. I have a good hand on Phonetic and same was available here..yay!!

Downloaded the zipped fonts as well as the keyboard layout and started with copying the fonts to the fonts directory.

sudo nautilus fonts:

After this the keyboard layout needed to be edit with the new one which was obtained from below link.

Using this command I opened the layout file and copied the contents of ur.txt file present in, obtained above.

sudo gedit /etc/X11/xkb/symbols/pk

After saving the changes adding Pakistan keyboard layout at System > Preferences > Layout did the trick. To place a shortcut with which I can easily switch between the layouts, I added Keyboard Indicator to the panel.

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