Switching to Linux

Few days ago I started my project to get my system loaded with a Linux and see how it works for me when compared to Windows.

Firstly I installed Fedora 7 after having trouble with system freeze, I decided Fedora won’t work for me. Could have been my hardware but was higher specs than system requirement so I’m not sure what why that was happening.  Initially had trouble mounting the ntfs file system with read/write access but thanks to much opensource community forums I was able to solve this problem. I wanted to play my dvd movies and also mp3 songs and several different formats but got tired because each time i downloaded any rmp and started to install that it gave me error ” Unable to retrieve software information” . For a newbie like me, I think I was looking for a less troublesome solution.

After much tries I finally decided to go for Ubuntu 6.10  which was very easy to install and UI much more appealing. When installing Ubuntu, did encounter a freeze or two fearing it could be my hardware but once installed, I saw no issue.

Now I am up and running with Ubuntu and have also been able to install drivers for all the media formats. For the NTFS file system support with read/write access I didn’t have to do anything, Ubuntu did all for me

Lets see how I will like switching to Linux…

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